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LARP Character Generator 2.0

Online character builder and administration for Live Action Roleplaying games


Character Generator 2.0 is a free, open source system for LARP character creation and game administration.

v2.0 has been completely rebuilt to be powerful, flexible, and easy to host.

Designed for games using the Accelerant system, it can be customized to suit other games.

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  • Supports single- and multi-purchase ("stackable") skills.
  • Staff can limit the number of times a skill can be purchased.
  • Supports skills with "patterned" costs (e.g. skills whose cost increases in a 2,4,6 or 1,2,3 pattern).

Character Creation

  • Newly redesigned intuitive 1-page character builder helps players build characters that conform to the game rules and optimize CP spend
  • Character builder displays a chart of which attributes their selected skills and spells use and how many uses they get per refresh
  • Players can view either a summary view (skill names only) or detailed view (skill descriptions) of their characters.
  • Players can print out a "cheat sheet" to track skill usage at the game.


Supports common out-of-the-box customizations, including:

  • Disable countries of origin and/or races if your game doesn't use them
  • Assign custom names to attributes and vitality
  • Create character communities and assign them a custom name (e.g. religions, Houses, pirate crews)
  • Automatic support of both 2-tier (headers > skills) and 3-tier (headers > skills > spells) systems. If no spells are entered, the spells tab in the character wizard doesn't appear.


  • New users automatically appear in an approval queue where staff members can easily batch-approve or reject them. This prevents clutter from "junk" logins while minimizing staff effort.
  • Passwords are stored in encrypted form using a secure salted hash.
  • Staff members do not have access to users' passwords.
  • Email address is used for login to minimize support for forgotten logins.
  • Supports self-serve password resets for forgotten passwords.
  • 3-tiered access: player, staff, and administrator. Staff do not have access to certain sensitive functions in the admin area.
  • System collects bare minimum of personal data (name and email address) to minimize exposure.


  • Create hidden headers, skills, and spells and select which characters have access to them.
  • Dynamically filter and sort player, character and CP lists.
  • New streamlined processes for deleting items and assigning CP.
  • Export all or selected character cards in MS Word format for printing.


  • Completely rebuilt from scratch in PHP/MySQL
  • Uses popular technologies with extensive resources and support
  • CP storage and tracking revamped to minimize calculation errors.
  • Extensive validation system to prevent bad data from getting into the system.


Character Generator 2.0 is free software licensed under the GNU Public License (GPL) v3. The GPL is an open source license that allows anyone to download, modify, and redistribute the source code.

You can feel free to theme, customize and otherwise hack the Character Generator as much as you want. You are also free to sell or otherwise distribute your modifications. The only requirement is that your modifications must also be released under the GPL, and if you choose to distribute it you must also make the source code available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's new?

What isn't? ;-)

CG 2.0 has been completely rebuilt in PHP/MySQL. Those who used the old version will see some similarities in the screens, but it has been entirely rearchitected and rewritten from scratch with a number of new features added.

I have also completely revamped the user interface, especially the character creation wizard. The new version boasts a one-page, much more intuitive character creation wizard.

When can I use it?

Generator 2.0 is currently in beta. Zombies: Aftershock and Lione Rampant: Crusades are already using customized versions.

You can download the source code from Github. Be prepared for some bugs if you choose to use the beta version.

What do I need for hosting?

Games are responsible for their own hosting. All you need is a hosting plan that supports PHP and MySQL, which are among the most popular technologies in use today. Hosting is widely available for $5 - $10/month. Your game site probably already supports it.

I also strongly recommend that you have someone familiar with PHP/MySQL available for installation and ongoing maintenance.

Do you provide support, maintenance, etc?

The CG is provided on an "as-is" basis with no warranty or support. I'm continuing to build additional features and fix bugs, but it's a "spare time" effort.

I recommend you keep someone familiar with PHP/MySQL on speed-dial for "it's the night before the event and my character cards won't print" situations (trust me, I've been there!).

I am available to provide installation assistance and customization on a paid basis; please if you're interested. You are also of course welcome to customize the Generator for your own game.

How do I report bugs?

Please report any bugs or usability issues you encounter through the issue tracker on the Github site.

Or, better yet, fix them yourself and contribute the fix back to the community!

How do I contribute?

One of the great things about open source software is that it's a community effort. Please contribute your cool features, customizations, and bug fixes back to the Generator so that other games can benefit.

The Generator source code is hosted on Github. to be added as a contributor.

The git site has great documentation and a getting started guide for working with git.

Is there any documentation?

The new version contains extensive field help, especially on the Admin screens. Help generally appears to the right of a selected form field in a "bubble."

Additional documentation can be found in the wiki on the Github site. Currently there's basic documentation on installation, but I'm working on adding to it. Anyone want to volunteer to help write doc? ;-)

What technologies does it use?

The Character Generator is built on the following technologies:

Who built it?

The Character Generator was entirely designed and developed by Allison Corbett, a professional software designer in the greater Boston area. You can see more about me on my personal site.

I built the original Accelerant/nTeraction Character Generator for Atlas Adventures way back when. It has been used by Boston-area games including Atlas, Radiant Dragon, Madrigal 1 and 2, Endgame, Valhalla, and Pirate Island. I'm hoping that version 2.0 will serve as a strong foundation for running many future games!


For questions and other information about the Character Generator, please contact .